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Blockbuster - Combustion
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Gridlocks (RSC)
Select the topic you want from the list on the right. There is a video on the homepage to help you understand how to play Gridlocks.

Simple chemical reactions quiz
Word fill quiz on the basics of chemical reactions, including the idea of reactants / products - useful for revision

Simple chemical reactions crossword
Simple crossword that can be completed online based on the material in unit 7F; a larger and harder version is available from the index!

The science of fire
Background information on fire, and interactive video clip.

How Fire Works
How fire works, from the useful Howstuffworks site. Lots of detail and extension material about the uses and dangers of fire throughout history.

How fireworks work.
Gives a good description of how fireworks work and how they are launched into the sky.

Burning and fire prevention
Gives information about the causes of combustion, its uses and also how to prevent it.

Word fill on combustion
Word fill exercise on burning and products

Simple chemical reactions quiz
Test your knowledge of chemical reactions.

What are chemical changes
Slide show about chemical changes.

Chemical vs physical changes.
Gives an overview of the difference between a chemical and a physical change.

Chemistry videos and photographs
Contains videos and photographs of some chemistry reactions.

Forming new substances
Some good information on chemical reactions with interactive activities to try. Free registration is needed to access this resource.

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 burning and combustion
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 Greenhouse effect
 sulfur dioxide
 nitrogen oxide
 carbon dioxide
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