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Bitesize - Atoms and Elements
Revision site with notes, activities and quizes. Try the quiz on the last page.

Compounds and mixtures Bitesize
Good revision material on compounds, mixtures and separating. Try the multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge.

In the 'Build' section, test your understanding of chemical formulae by building some simple molecules. Use the 'Transform' section to see an animation of ice, water and steam changing state.

Blockbusters - Chemical Reactions
Click the i button for instructions.

Gridlocks (RSC)
Select the topic you want from the list on the right. There is a video on the homepage to help you understand how to play Gridlocks.

Everyday materials
Summary information and simple quiz question on the difference between elements and compounds. Click to go through the pages at the bottom of the page.

Compounds and Mixtures matching pairs
Matching pairs exercise to match molecular diagrams of elements, compounds and mixtures to their descriptions.

Materials Database
Materials Database from GSK Active Science, containing data on properties of common (including man made) materials, for pupils to interrogate to find those suitable for particular purposes

Mixtures, elements and compounds: rags to riches
Try the quiz to test your knowledge of mixtures, elements and compounds. This gets quite tricky!

Physical and chemical change 20 questions
Check how much you know about physical and chemical changes

Compounds and mixtures quiz
Multiple choice quiz on elements, compounds and mixtures.

Bitesize Compounds and mixtures
Interactive video clip with clear basic info on elements, mixtures and compounds how to separate them from BBC Bitesize

Compounds and Mixtures revision quiz
Revision quiz covering compounds and mixtures.

Chemical reactions and equations 2
Read about chemical reactions and balancing equations and then try a quiz.

Interactive periodic table - Webelements
Click on an element to find out all about its properties and uses.

Elements quiz
A quiz on elements

Symbols and Compounds
Basic information and simple quiz question on the representation of elements and compounds by symbols

The Language of Chemistry: Chemical Reactions
Clear simple explanation of some chemical reactions with particle diagrams, extended on the following few pages

Chemical reactions and equations
Gives information on writing word and balancing simple symbol equations.

Compounds and formulae
Read this short summary that explain what a compound is and how to interpret chemical formulae.

Elements and atoms quiz
Multiple choice quiz relating to atoms and elements

Compounds and Mixtures word fill
Word fill linking states (s, l, g) and properties (element / compound / mixture) with common substances

Elements, mixtures and compounds
Quiz on elements, mixtures and compounds.

Atoms and molecules
Look at pg 21 and 22

Periodic Table (Chemicool)
Click on an element to find out about it.
Lots of information about copper from the Copper Development Association, including a history of how it has been extracted and used for the past 60 centuries.

The periodic table of the elements, in pictures
A great periodic table.

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