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Photosynthesis and respiration in plants
A simple introduction to photosynthesis.

Illuminating photosynthesis
Find out about photosynthesis with this animated interactive activity.

Doyle's soil
This interactive game shows the effect of soil pH on the growth of different plants. Can you get the blalance right to make the plants grow?

Biology of plants
A good site for revision, background reading or research. Use the menu on the left to find out plant growth, parts of a plant and seed dispersal.

Impacts of deforestation
What happens when we chop down too many tropical forests?

The structure of a flower
A labelled diagram showing the structure of a flowering plant.

Plants and photosynthesis (Bitesize)
Read the revision information on plants and photosynethesis. Do an activity and take a short test.

Energy flow
Good animations and information on energy flow in the (human) food chain.

Structure and function of a leaf
Diagram showing the structure of a leaf. Explanation of the functions of some of the key parts of a leaf.

The structure of the leaf
Interactive information page and questions on the structure of a leaf.

Blooming History: oxygen and plants
Watch this clip to find out how scientists discovered that leaves give off oxygen. Find a jam jar and leaf and you can try it for your self!

How plants grow: the need for water
Watch this to find out how early scientists discovered that plants need water and that they didn't eat soil!

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