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What do your cells do?
Find some lovely images and animations about cells in your body.

How big is a .......?
Lots of different things are on the pin head. You can zoom in to see them. This animation will help you to understand how small cells are.

Cells to systems
Read the revision pages on cells and systems. You can also do an activity and take a test to check you have understood.

Power of 10
How big are cells?

Aimed at 16+ but some great gallery pictures and cool simulators for various types of microscope

The body
The Body is currently the best of modern cut out activities that now feature 3D organs to position. In several return visits you might also look at muscles, nerves and the skeleton.

Galileo's microscope - the compound microscope.
Excellent animations on the history of the compound microscope and there are several interactive activites to try.

Plant and animal cells
Clearly presented notes comparing plant and animal cells. There is a short quiz to check your understanding.

Animal systems
Read the background information about cells, tissues, organs and systems. Click on links to find out more about some of the systems found in our bodies.

Tissues of life
Have a go at the 'play' and 'look' sections

Animal cell labelling
Click on 'starter activity' first then work through the other 2 sections to open these excellent plant cell activities.

Plant cell labelling
A drag and drop activity in which you label the parts of a plant cell.

Interactive human body
Can you put together a human puzzle?

Microscope images
What does a head louse look like magnified? And lots of other ugly beasts up close in this microscopic world.

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