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The Earth and beyond: day and night
Use the menu on the left to work through these pages about the sun, moon and Earth

Bitesize: The Earth, Sun and Moon
Read all about the Earth, sun and moon. Then try the activity and do the test!

How the Earth and Moon move around the Sun
Watch a cartoon to find out about the orbits of Earth, Sun and Moon. Then take a quiz.

Earth, Sun and Moon and orbits
Learn about the Earth, Sun & Moon's orbits as you experiment with different times in this fun activity. Discover how long the Earth takes to orbit the Sun, how many hours it takes the Earth to spin around once on its own axis, how long the Moon takes to orbit the Earth, how it all relates to our calendar and other useful facts

Earth, Sun and Moon
Play around with this interactive demo to see how the Earth moves around the Sun.

Planetary Pairs
Flip the cards and see if you can match all the pairs in the time. A panel on the right tells you about the item illustrated on the card.

The Earth and beyond
Watch the cartoon to find out about the moon. Learn about how we see the moon and why how we see the moon changes at different times of the month. The take a short test to check what you have learned.

Is Mars really Red?
Watch this short clip to discover the truth about Mars!

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