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Saving energy
Can you answer the questions correctly to save energy?

Energy games
Have some fun and test your energy knowledge with these different games and jokes on an energy theme.

Launch ball game from the Science Museum
This is an absolutely fantastic site. Packed with brilliant puzzles and games to play and create for your friends. Highly recommended.

ElectroCity game
Can you manage all the resources in a town? In this game you are given complete control - see what you can achieve!

Energy flows game from the Science Museum
Select the object in the chains to make the energy flow.

Make energy useful
Can you catch enough sunlight, wind and water power to make electricity?

Which items can you recycle, which can you sell. Play the game and answer the questions to get bonus points.

Energy basics
Learn about the definition of energy, the forms that it comes in, and the difference between renewable and nonrenewable sources.

Scientific forms of energy
Can you turn this info into a poster/spider diagram.

Saving energy
This tells you the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency.

Energy Sources
Watch this video clip to find out about different sources of energy and their effects on the environment.

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