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Electrical conductors game (Bitesize)
Find out about circuits and conductors with this interactive activity.

Information on electricity and electric circuits and how to stay safe when using electricity. Click on Annie, Pod or Ollo to try different activities.

Changing and testing circuits
Find out how changing components affects a simple circuit.

Building circuits
Learn about components and build circuits on this animated interactive site.

Power up! Circuits
Work through the section on circuits then try building your own!

Electrical circuits (Bitesize)
Revise circuits and symbols then try the activity and take the quiz.

Circuits, conductors and insulators
Test different objects in an electric circuit to see if they are condutors. Then take a quiz.

Circuits game (Bitesize)
Use your knowledge of electrical circuits to help MI High's Oscar recover his lost camera

Power Up Quiz
How much do you know about electricity, power, circuits and staying safe? Try this quiz and learn more.

Silicon Spies
You can learn about electricity and play games whilst trying to thwart the evil villian

Introduction to electricity
Electricity is the movement of charged electric particles called electrons. Learn more about it with this video and why electrical safety is so important.

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