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Light and shadows
Find out all about shadows with this interactive activity.

Visible objects
Find out how we see things.

Light and shadows
Place objects in the light and see their shadows. Move the light to see what happens to the shadow.

Light and dark
Find out about light and dark with this animated interactive activity.

Shadow play
Have fun with these activities about shadows and silhouettes.

Where is the player?
Try to locate the player by using the shadows cast. Click

Reflections and using mirrors
How can you make light change direction? Try this activity to find out.

Light (Bitesize)
Read the information about light and how we see things. Then try the fun activity and take the quiz.

Shadows (Bitesize)
Read the information on shadows and on transparent, translucent and opaque materials. Then try the activity and take the quiz.

Light game (Bitesize)
Use your knowledge of light and reflection to guide Rani to safety.

Alien Attack!
Carry out a scientific investigation to find out which alien is responsible for trying to blow up Earth! Learn about light at the same time!

The brain and senses
See which bits of our brains do what and how our senses work with the menu on the left.

Light and dark - Bitesize
Read about Sources of light and Seeing objects

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