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Bitesize: Basic Forces
Work out how to avoid disaster in the gynastics event using your ideas about forces

Balanced and unbalanced forces
Find out about balanced and unbalanced forces with this animated interactive site. Can you save parkworld by using your learning?

Forces (Bitesize)
Read through the information on forces. Then try the fun activity and take the quiz.

Forces in action from BBC Schools
Find out about the forces acting on a toy car with this interactive activity.

Put it to the test
Watch this fun animation and listen to the song to think about how to test ideas in science.

Grain Strain
Can you build a machine by dragging and dropping the moving parts to catch all the grain?

Forces at the Funfair
Adjust the materials used and the design of the rollercoaster car to investigate the effects of friction (rolling resistance and air resistance) on the motion of the vehicle and use your understanding of forces to improve on the design of the car.

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