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Changing state
Put the labels in the right place and 'check' if you are correct. Click menu to access the water cycle.

Changing state
Follow the on screen instructions and then take the quiz.

BBC Science Clips - Solids and Liquids
Drag the different materials into the beaker and then click thge buttons to heat them up or cool them down. What temperature does each material melt at? There is also a quiz for you to do.

Changing states (Bitesize)
Read the information on changing states. Then do a fun activity and try the quiz.

Make a snowflake
Click in the different temperature zones in the cloud to see the way it affects the shape of the snowflake.

The properties of solids, liquids and gases
Watch cartoons that explain the difference between solids, liquids and gases. Find out about how a solid changes to a liquid and then a gas. Learn about dissolving.

Evaporation and Condensation
You can read, listen and watch this description of evaporation.

Water cycle animated diagram with labels
Clear animated diagram of the water cycle. Follow the path of the water from rain back to the clouds.

Science teacher resources
Ask your teacher which activity to click

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