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Characteristics of materials
Follow the instructions to find out about the properties and uses of some common materials.

Characteristics of materials
Test different materials for various properties then take a quiz

Rocks and soils - test their properties
Do an activity to find out about the properties of different rocks. Then take a quiz.

Material properties (Bitesize)
Read the information on materials and their properties. Then do a fun game and try the quiz.

Rocks and soils (Bitesize)
Read the information on rocks and soils. Then do the fun activity and try the quiz.

Meet the elements
A catchy song to introduce you to elements- what everything in our world is made up of.

Mission Material
How many materials can you collect in the time given? This game has 3 levels of play - all about the properties of materials.

Materials and their properties
Move through the information screens using the arrows at the bottom. On page 2 you can launch the 'Grouping materials' database activity to find out more about different materials and their properties. On page 3 you can test your knowledge by launching the 'Materials Mission' game.

Strange matter: fun stuff
Lots of games, experiments, videos and more to explore strange matter.

The water family.
Create your own family and see how much water you can save. A huge game with lots of mini games to come back to.

NASA spinoffs
NASA has developed many materials, which are now used for everyday items. Can you use the clues to find them?

Interactive Periodic Table (Open University)
Watch these powerpoints to find out more about elements and materials.

If you are keen to learn more about the elements and how they join together into molecules and compunds, watch and listen to this 'lecture'

Science teacher resources
Ask your teacher which activity to click

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