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Plant parts
Click on the starter, main session and plenary activities

Plant Life Cycles Game
Learn about plant life cycles whilst stopping the dangerous Hogweed from spreading.Clicking the 'Read' button below the game gives more information. There is also a quiz.

Life cycle of a flowering plant
Click on the life cycles picture and try all 3 activities to test yourself on flowering plant life cycles and seed dispersal.

BBC Bitesize Plant life-cycle
Take the flower apart and identify the pieces

PowerPoint Quiz 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?'
Do you want to be a virtual millionaire? Test your knowledge of plants with this quiz

Life cycles quiz
Check your knowledge of life cycles. Take this quiz.

Pollen park interactive guide and game
Follow the adventures of Bumble the honey bee and find out more plants, flowers and seeds.

Hams Hall pond
Check out the food chain and life cycle activities.

Plant life cycles information (BBC Bitesize)
Read the sections about the life cycle and parts of a flowering plant then try the interactive game to stop the Hogweed plant from spreading. Quiz available

Plant biology resource
what does it take for a plant to produce a seed? How do you get water to the top of a tree? Follow the links to find out more.

Brine shrimp experiments
Follow the student lesson link, for instructions on some experiments you can do with brine shrimps.

Animal lifecycles
Do different living things have different life cycles? Follow this link to view the life cycle of different animals.

Science teacher resources
Ask your teacher which activity to click

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