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Interdependence and adaptation
Find organisms living in the habitat. Build a food chain using the organisms. Sort the animals by answering questions about how they differ.

Amazing animals
Check out the animals here and find out where each likes to live. There are animal videos, stories and fun games to play too.

Skeletons and muscles
Read through information on skeletons, muscles and joints. Then play the game and take a quiz.

Variation (Bitesize)
Read the information on living things, then try the quiz and the 'Deadly 60' game.

I am a paleontologist
Listen to the lyrics and enjoy the animation- what does it tell you about science and prehistoric life?

ZSL kids
Experience life as a tiger and find out about other exotic animals

Useful plants and fungi
Find out more about how plants and fungi are important to us with images, stories and activities.

Habitats game
Animals like to live in places that suit their needs. This quiz tests your knowledge of where different animals live and why they like to live there.

Humans and animals game
A quiz to help you find out some interesting facts about living things. There are six different topics to try. Answer the questions to correctly to reveal the picture and get a bonus question.

Vertebrates: Animals with backbones.
A great website to find out about animals.

Charles Darwin fact sheet
Read this to find out more about Charles Darwin and what he did.

The Dino Directory
Explore dinosaurs- find out what dinosaurs lived in England and other countries, when they lived, see ow big they were and see 3D models of the Top 5

Introduction to fungi
Use these pages to research fungi

Carl Linnaeus fact sheet
For reading and discussion

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