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The great plant escape
Find out more about plants, e.g. the different parts of a plant and what their jobs are. See if you can solve the mystery cases.

What a plant needs and what the parts do
Read through the 2 pages then play the fun activity and try the quiz.

Helping plants grow well quiz.
Take this quiz to see what you know about what plants growing.

Sock seed experiment
Here's a fun task. Find out what type of seeds are waiting to germinate around your neighbourhood.

Pollen park interactive guide and game
Follow the adventures of Bumble the honey bee and find out more plants, flowers and seeds.

Plants and flowers games
Follow the links on this page to find games and fact sheets.

Helping plants grow well
Can you get your plant to grow to its full height? Use the right amount of heat and water. Then take a quiz.

Plants wordsearch
Can you find all the words? This will help you learn what they all mean too.

Blooming History: oxygen and plants
Watch this clip to find out how scientists discovered that leaves give off oxygen. Find a jam jar and leaf and you can try it for your self!

How plants grow: the need for water
Watch this to find out how early scientists discovered that plants need water and that they didn't eat soil!

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