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Electro-matic factory
Play a game to learn about electricity. Double click on items to choose them. Start at 'medium' level and work up to 'really hard'.

Using electricity
What happens to the bulb when you put different materials in the gap? Try switching the cell around to see what effect it has.

Electricity - BBC Bitesize
Watch the video from BBC Bitesize on electricity. Investigate how electricity is used in your home.

Circuit tester
Click on the + or - of the battery and the connector bumps on the bulb to connect wires. Can you make the bulb light up? Drag the screwdriver onto a wire to remove it.

Comparing circuits
Click on the arrows to add or remove bulbs and cells. What happens to the brightness of the light?

Make a torch!
Can you make a circuit for a torch by doing the jigsaw?

Where does energy come from?
Find out where electricity and gas come from and how they get to your home. Can you find the answers to the questions?

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