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Desert island materials
Play a game to find out about properties of different materials. Can you identify and sort materials with different properties? Start at 'medium' level and work up to 'really hard'.

Sorting and using materials
Test the properties of different materials. Sort materials with different properties. Take a quiz.

Mineral Mix and Match
3 games for you to play! Different properties of minerals make them useful for different reasons. Have a go matching properties to minerals and objects, match minerals to objects, or just take it easy and refresh your memory of the minerals around you.You can also follwo links to find much more information.

Uses and properties of materials
Follow the instructions to find out about the uses and properties of materials.

Digger and the gang - float and sink
Play a game to learn about why some objects float and others sink.

Characteristics of materials
Follow the instructions to find out about the properties and uses of some common materials.

Mission Materials
Test your knowledge about materials in this fun challenge. There are different levels. How quickly can you pick the right materials?There is also a link to the illustrated materials database for more information.

Find the Materials
Can you look at the picture and find the 8 objects that have been made from Earth Materials like rock or sand?

Reactions of materials - part 2
Some materials react differently when exposed to different temperature. Watch a cartoon to find out more about expansion and contraction. Then take a short test.

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