About us
SciberMonkey has been created by the Biochemical Society. It aims to support the teaching and learning of science for 5-14 year olds.
The Biochemical Society recognizes that there are many good teaching resources already available for free on the internet. However, we also know that teachers have little spare time to trawl through search engine results and find the best information.
SciberMonkey has been created to do just that. It's a web portal containing the best websites, mapped against key themes and topics found in almost all science curricula. Results can be further refined by selecting the key words for each topic.
Each entry in the portal has been quality assured by science teachers.
The site has been designed to support both teachers and students. Children can use the website inside and outside the classroom through the pupils' section. They can access appropriate resources by choosing the age group that applies to them. For each topic they can find a variety of different types of resources - from reading and revision materials to animations and games - all helping them get to grips with the subject.
The teachers' section contains the same resources as the pupil pages, plus additional 'teacher-only' resources, including practical experiments, worksheets and other activities and visuals for use in the classroom.
We hope that SciberMonkey will provide a quick, easy and reliable way for pupils and teachers alike to access the best science websites on the internet for homework, revision and teaching aids.
History of SciberMonkey
Scibermonkey was first launched at a Teacher's Workshop in Birmingham in March 2006. The launch event formed part of the Biochemical Society's Centenary celebrations of 100 years of the Biochemical Journal, which took place throughout 2006. The original site was designed to support the English KS3 curriculum only.
2011 marked the Centenary anniversary of the Biochemical Society itself. As part of the celebratory activities, SciberMonkey underwent a significant revamp - including a redesign and the addition of new resources to the database. The site has also been extended to cover a range of science curricula and to support pupils aged from 5-11 (as well as 11-14 year olds).
The new version of the website was launched in January 2012 at the ASE Annual Conference in Liverpool.
The Biochemical Society
The Biochemical Society was founded in 1911 and today is the leading Learned Society promoting Biochemistry and the Molecular Biosciences in the UK and beyond. We are a registered charity with an educational remit to promote the understanding and study of biology at all stages of the curriculum. Our diverse range of education work includes school science websites, teachers' workshops, outreach grants and activities, and science careers information and events for young people.
Wherever possible, our projects are developed in consultation with the target audience to ensure they are fit for purpose and to maximize their impact. For example, our school websites involve teacher contributions and our educational resources and activities are trialed in schools to guarantee that they are pitched correctly and are engaging for students. Feedback from our activities is implemented to guide the progress of future developments and projects.
Find out more by visiting the Biochemical Society website.
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We welcome your feedback on Scibermonkey, including suggestions for other websites or resources you think are appropriate for this portal. Please contact us via the feedback page.
SciberMonkey is sponsored by Syngenta.
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